Александра Колесникова

Польша, Ченстохова
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31 Май 2018
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HELP! помогите найти 5 предложений с past simple and past perfect И составить к ним вопросы Do you ever get the feeling that your life is just about to begin? I'm feeling like that right now as my younger brother Dima and I are standing in London's Heathrow International ' Airport. Dima and I are spending the summer at an American summer camp. Yes, that's right. London is just a stopover in our trip. It's also the meeting point for some campers who are flying to the USA from Europe. At the moment we are waiting for our counsellor. He or she is going to come and take us to our plane to California. We are here sitting at the meeting point, wearing the T-shirts we have received from the camp so that the counsellor can recognize us easily. The idea for our great trip started with a film I saw about a summer camp in America one winter evening. That's when I got the dream to go to one of those camps. Normally I do the same things every summer: I spend June with my granny in Saratov, then in July my parents and I go to Turkey and in August I get a lot of time to go out with my friends and get ready for the next school year. If you say, "That's not so bad," I'll tell you, "It's boring." It took me two years to make my dream happen — I found the camp, talked to my parents, saved up and then found out that I still didn't have enough money. Then I talked to my parents again. Finally, Dad offered to pay for most of the trip on condition that Dima could come with me! Dima is fourteen and this year our parents had nothing but trouble with him. He got involved with some bad kids at school, so no wonder Mum and Dad wanted to send him as far away from home as possible. Call me a bad sister, but I wasn't excited. I didn't want to spend this summer babysitting my bro, but that was the deal with Dad, so I had to live with it. After all, it was going to be my perfect summer anyway, so I knew nothing could spoil it. When we arrived in London two days ago, I was ready for my big adventure. I wanted to visit new places, improve my English and make new friends. Our mother's old friend works in London, so she gave us the opportunity to see this great city. We enjoyed every minute and didn't feel homesick at all. After all, London is only about a four-hour flight from Moscow. It's round the corner in comparison to California. But now as we are waiting in Heathrow, I'm starting to ask myself some scary questions. Will I be able to understand American English? What if I don't make any new friends? Will there be any wild animals in the woods around our camp? What if our counsellor doesn't turn up today? Dima: Are you OK, Lisa? You're not acting like yourself. Lisa: I know. I'm nervous. Where is our counsellor? Dima: Just relax. Somebody will come soon. Do you want to read my magazine? It's cool. Lisa: Thanks, little bro. I'm fine. I'm reading a very interesting book in English, but I just can't concentrate right now. Do you see those guys over there? They're wearing the camp T-shirts too. Dima: Yeah, I see them. And they are looking for somebody also. Oh, look! They are coming over here now. First boy: Excuse me, are you waiting for us? We are catching a flight to San Francisco. Lisa: So are we. But we are waiting for our counsellor. By the way, my name is Lisa Korolyova. And this is my brother Dima. We are from Russia. First boy: Pleased to meet you. I'm David Hunt. I'm not your counsellor, I'm a camper just like you, but I'm responsible for taking you to California. And this is my friend Charlie Rose. Charlie: Hi, guys. Nice to meet you. Dima and Lisa: Nice to meet you too.