Сочинение на английском "Национальный блюда Узбекистана "

Сочинение на английском "Национальный блюда Узбекистана "
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Uzbek national dish is the bright colors of nature, ancient traditions and an Eastern flavour, food that will impress any foodie and connoisseur of true taste. Smelling the aroma of food, and the more he saw him, Your stomach will immediately scream to You "I'm hungry!". Gastronomic pleasures in Uzbekistan, believe me, no less than the stars in the sky!

Recipes of preparation of dishes of the Uzbek national cuisine has been shaped over many centuries. Not managed to culinary influence of other Nations, who conquered the lands of Central Asia, but the Uzbek dishes still acquired its specificity. Hallmark dishes of Uzbek cuisine is the use of all the gifts of nature of Uzbekistan. Most of the dishes are cooked with essential oils: cottonseed, sunflower, or sesame, with the addition of a fat tail. In the formation of recipes of dishes of Uzbek cuisine is the contribution not only of teachers, but also doctors. According to one legend, the recipe for the pilaf itself amounted Abu Ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna).

The main ingredients of Uzbek food - flour, meat (mostly lamb), sheep fat (fat), vegetables, herbs and spices. There are dishes that are cooked only men or only women. Cooking some special dishes associated with festivals, commemorative events, beliefs.
Uzbek dishes are usually very wholesome and nutritious. Great value in preparing them are herbs and spices - coriander (cilantro), cumin (, enter, cumin), Goji berries, sesame seeds, Rayhan (Basil) and Spices etc. increase appetite, so these dishes you want to eat as soon as you smell their aroma. Often in the recipes of Uzbek national dishes used sour milk (sour milk, classic yogurt) and green radish. It is less pungent than black radish, and in combination with oil and even sweet carrots;
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